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Expedited Freight Quote is your trusted partner for seamless expedited ground freight and air freight services from Vermont, a state celebrated for its lush landscapes, artisanal products, and innovative industries. Leveraging Vermont's unique geographical position and its network of well-maintained roads and proximity to major Northeastern air hubs, we ensure Vermont businesses—from the renowned maple syrup producers in the Green Mountains to the cutting-edge tech startups in Burlington—can swiftly and efficiently reach markets across the country and around the globe. 


Expedited Freight Quote offers customized, reliable logistics solutions that cater to the distinct needs of Vermont's economy, enhancing supply chain operations and supporting local businesses in their growth and expansion efforts.

Nestled in the heart of New England, Vermont is a state known for its picturesque landscapes, artisanal products, and innovative businesses. From the lush forests that supply the timber industry to the fertile lands that nurture dairy farms and maple syrup producers, Vermont's economy is as diverse as its seasons. In this vibrant economic landscape, Expedited Freight Quote emerges as a crucial partner for Vermont businesses, offering specialized expedited ground freight and air freight services tailored to meet the state's unique shipping needs.


Vermont: A Hub of Artisanal Excellence and Innovation

Vermont's economy thrives on a mix of traditional industries and modern innovation. The state is a leading producer of maple syrup, with its dairy products and craft foods reaching tables across the country. Additionally, Vermont's burgeoning tech sector and a strong presence of environmentally focused businesses showcase the state's forward-thinking and sustainable approach to commerce. This diverse economic backdrop demands a logistics partner that understands Vermont's unique market — Expedited Freight Quote is that partner.


Tailored Ground Freight for Vermont's Businesses

Understanding the geographical challenges and the specialized needs of Vermont's industries, our expedited ground freight services are designed to navigate the state's winding roads and seasonal weather conditions efficiently. Whether it's delivering fresh produce to local markets, transporting handcrafted furniture to customers across the country, or supplying materials to the tech industry, Expedited Freight Quote ensures that your goods move swiftly and safely across Vermont and beyond.


Air Freight Solutions: Connecting Vermont to the World

For Vermont businesses looking to expand their reach, our air freight services offer a gateway to national and international markets. Utilizing key airports like Burlington International and strategically located regional hubs, Expedited Freight Quote provides fast, reliable, and secure air freight options. This service is ideal for time-sensitive shipments, ensuring that Vermont's artisanal products, from specialty cheeses to craft beers, reach their destinations promptly, maintaining the state's reputation for quality and craftsmanship.


Why Choose Expedited Freight Quote for Your Vermont Shipping Needs?

  • Customized Shipping Strategies: We offer tailored shipping solutions that address the specific challenges and opportunities of Vermont's businesses, enhancing supply chain efficiency and market competitiveness.

  • Speed and Dependability: Our commitment to expedited service guarantees that your shipments arrive on time, supporting your business's reliability and customer satisfaction.

  • Transparent and Personalized Service: With real-time tracking and dedicated customer support, we keep you informed and in control, offering peace of mind from pickup to delivery.


In a state celebrated for its natural beauty, artisanal products, and innovative businesses, Vermont's companies require a logistics partner that can navigate its unique challenges with precision and care. Expedited Freight Quote is dedicated to providing the expedited ground freight and air freight services that Vermont businesses need to thrive. Partner with us to ensure your products move efficiently, reach wider markets, and contribute to the growing success of Vermont's economy.

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Meet Your Expedited Freight Partner

After graduating from the University of Washington in 2009, I began my career in Logistics.  For the past 15 years I've been helping B2B companies move their freight and specialize in time-definite/expedited freight projects. The expedited world is a different beast from normal dock to dock freight and it's my goal to deliver a level of service that is uncommon in the logistics industry. I work for multiple logistics companies that have the resources to deliver your expedited freight on time, every time. When you reach out for a quote you will be connected directly to me. I always answer my phone on the first ring, reply to texts and emails in seconds, and just do what I say I will do. Throughout the life of your shipment, I will be directly available 24/7 to ensure an on-time delivery and a stress free experience for you.

"From Small Activations to the SuperBowl, Erik always gets our freight where it needs to be!"

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